To celebrate the kickoff of the ESPN Fantasy Football Marathon, this week NFL Nation reporters will be giving their fantasy predictions for the top offensive players on the teams they cover.ESPN fantasy football analyst Mike Clay provided the over/unders for this exercise -- using his 2017 projections -- and each Nation reporter was given one projection for each position on which to give a prediction.

Click on the links below to go directly to your team. Under. Dennis Pitta JerseysPrescott is using training camp to test his boundaries in risk-taking this summer, but when it comes to real games, he won't take unnecessary risks. He has too many receivers who can win early on routes. Justin Tucker JerseysWill he go lower than last year's interception total of four? No, but he will have fewer than nine.

Archer's prediction: Over. The Cowboys were mindful of Elliott's snaps as a rookie and would have been mindful of them had he played a full season. If the six-game suspension is upheld and the courts do not get involved, then the Cowboys will not worry about Elliott's snaps. The Cowboys have a lot of weapons offensively, but Elliott is their best. Given that he will have fresh legs when he rejoins the Cowboys in late October, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan will make sure to get him the ball as much as possible over the final 10 games.

Archer's prediction: Over. He had eight last season and missed three games. His connection with Dak Prescott improved, especially late last season. The days of him catching 80-90 passes a season could be over, Elvis Dumervil Jerseysbut Bryant remains a huge red zone threat and he is hard to stop after the catch. Oh, and he's healthy this season.

Archer's prediction: Under. Witten had just three last season in his first year of work with Dak Prescott, but it's hard for him to put up big touchdown numbers because of the Cowboys' other weapons. The best red zone teams run the ball into the end zone. and the Cowboys will have Ezekiel Elliott when he returns from suspension. Prescott rushed for six touchdowns last season, Eric Weddle Jerseysas well. Then there's Dez Bryant, who is often a mismatch on the outside against corners. Joe Flacco JerseysI can't go with the over, but I think Witten will have five on the dot.


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Father: Dela Crus'z Dungeon 5150

Mother: Sunline's Abigail

Date of Birth: 12-10-2011

Bred by : High Caliber Pits

Color: Champagne

Bloodline : Sunline


Glbz Montana

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Father: Glbz Rage Against the Machine

Mother: G.L.B.Z.-A-Kay Kisses

Date of Birth : 03-04-2011

Bred by : Great Lakes Bullyz

Color : Blue

Bloodline : Iron Cross, Watchdog, Ruffian


B.A. aka Badacus

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Father: Sunline's Escobar 

Mother: Arkin's Gypsy

Date of Birth: 22-09-2012

Bred by : Legendary Bully Pits 

Color: Blue Fawn

Bloodline: ----------------------


Nitro the Beast

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Father: IronCross Iron Giant Disciple

Mother: Chalito's Mac 10 Browny

Date of Birth: 08-09-2010

Bred by : Alabama Iron Pitbulls

Color: Brindle

Bloodline: Iron Cross


Spike the Freak

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Father: Iron Cross American Arrogance  

Mother: Glbz Money

Date of Birth:

Bred by : worlds finest pitbulls

Color: white/ blue fawn

Bloodline: Iron Cross, Watchdog, Ruffian, 



Red Rolex

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Father: Dela Crus'z Dungeon 5150

Mother: Arkin's Elvira

Date of Birth: 05-07-2013

Bred by : Legendary Bully Pits

Color: Silver Champagne

Bloodline: Sunline, GK, Iron Cross


El Loco

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Father: Nitro the Beast

Mother: Eagan

Date of Birth: 02-06-2013

Bred by : Legendary Bully Pits

Color: Blue Brindle

Bloodline: Iron Cross, RBG


King Slayer

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Father: Chainsaw

Mother: Canibal Modelo

Date of Birth: 16-08-2014

Bred by : Iron Throne

Color: Blue

Bloodline: GK


King Koopa

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Father: Matador

Mother: Eagan

Date of Birth: 13-06-2014

Bred by : Legendary Bully Pits

Color: Blue

Bloodline: Iron Cross, RBG

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